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LIVE: RCCS Auction Drawing & Event - THURSDAY 8:30 PM 2021 All sides of Klal Yisroel are coming together for an unforgettable night of smiles, song and support for Cholei Yisroel. 🎵 Tune in this Thursday at 8:30 pm for our LIVE auction night!! 😮 Help us reach our goal for Cholei Yisroel. 🙏 This is the world-shattering, heartbreaking, expected reaction to the word “cancer”: Shock. Disbelief. Confusion. Fear. Despair. Sadness. Tears. Loneliness. This is the world-building, heart-lifting, unexpected Flip Side: Courage. Love. Support. Family. Hope. Perseverance. Relief. Help. Togetherness. The side of cancer that everyone knows, everyone knows. The Flip Side is why you, me, and all of us are here today. Cancer is a powerful word, one that makes us powerless. RCCS is a more powerful word, one that gives us power. Every entry into the auction, every dollar donated, every heart opened directly ensures that The Flip Side is the victorious side. Combating cancer is terribly expensive. But here’s the The Flip Side: for only $15 Million annually RCCS can help save and better thousands of lives! As the preeminent resource for medical referral in the cancer field, RCCS has a specialized understanding of physicians, patients, and diagnoses, enabling the best bespoke treatment solution for each and every case. RCCS ensures that each human being will get treated by the ideal specialist, obtaining appointments and treatments as soon as needed, with dignity and grace. RCCS provides financial grants, insurance premium payments (on average $18,000 a year per family plan) and insurance industry guidance to ensure that top care is covered. RCCS also assists patients and families with maintaining medical records; insurance renewals; pain relief; and much more. For every frown, there’s The Flip Side. It’s called a smile. For every despair, there’s The Flip Side. It’s called hope. For every cancer, there’s The Flip Side. It’s called RCCS. For every financial ask, there’s The Flip Side. It’s called you! Thank you for partnering with RCCS and ensuring that The Flip Side is the winning side!


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