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Life After a Life-threatening Tumor - Yossi Hecht | Inspiration for the Nation Episode 15

In the summer of 2019, Yossi Hecht’s life was drastically changed. The doctors found a tumor in his spine and he needed a number of surgeries to remove it. One of the repercussions from such invasive surgeries, is that the ability to go to the bathroom can oftentimes be affected. With advice of his Rabbeim, he embarked on a campaign for individuals to have more concentration on the bracha of Asher Yatzar. He saw personal wonders and has therefore made it his mission to try to inspire others to be more thankful. Thus, using the blessing as a conduit to appreciate all of the good bestowed upon us. For more information about Yossi’s organization please visit: * SPONSOR LINK * Jewish tradition teaches that in every generation there are 36 people upon whose kindness and righteousness the very existence of the world depends, but whose identity no one knows - not even the 36 themselves. Justin Hayet scours Israel to find the 36 most wonderful, interesting people doing the most wonderful, interesting things with the aim of discovering what makes Israel such a remarkable source of goodness. Thirty-Six is a production of SoulShop and Bnai Zion. “A wonderful and broad selection of interviewees. Justin conducts his interviews with kindness and respect and draws out those he is speaking with. After each interview, I wish I could meet Justin and his new friends.” • Apple: • Spotify: This episode is in memory of: • Shimon Dovid ben Yaakov Shloima • Miriam Sarah bas Yaakov Moshe Our free call-in-to-listen feature is here: • USA: (712) 432-3489 • UK: 0333-366-0154 • ISRAEL: 079-579-5088 Follow us on social media for more content: • TikTok - • IG - • FB - • LinkedIn - • Website - Have a specific question? email us WhatsApp us feedback and get first access to episodes: 914-222-5513 If you are interested in sponsoring an episode in memory or refuah shilama of a loved one, please send an email to Lchaim. #jewishpodcast #podcast #judaism #inspiration #podcasts #lchaim #Livinglchaim #jewish #yaakovlanger #jewishideas #torah #jewishthought #kosher #israel #jewishleader #hashem #rabbi #shabbat #shabbos #shabbas #kiruv #darchei #yossihecht #avrahamfried #ashertotheyatzar #thankyouhashem

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