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Levi, Where Are You? - A Musical Production by Tzohar ft. Efraim Markowitz | לוי וואו ביסטו - צהר

Efraim Markowitz stars in a heartrending song of a family whose son has lost his way. As Yom Kippur approaches, they wait, praying, hoping. Will he return for Kol Nidrei? In this song, Tzohar, an organization dedicated to Kiruv Rechokim, portrays the unbearable longing of families whose children have drifted away from Yiddishkeit. No matter how far a child has gone, the words of this song promise: our door will remain open. We will wait for you, year after year, hoping and praying, in the corner of shul at Kol Nidrei. A lost soul, is not a lost cause. Sponsor a Tzohar Seminar, Merit a Zchus for Yom Hadin: Composed by Yigal Salek, London Pirchei Singing, musical arrangement, mixing and mastering by Efraim Markowitz Directed and edited by Elhanan Nussbaum Photo: Yosef Schlost Campaign by


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