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Lev Leyeled – Heart for Children from Divorce Families | לב לילד - קינדער פון צעטיילטע שטיבער Lev Leyeled – A Heart for Children from Families of Divorce What a Healthy Home Looks Like: In a typical home setting, a child experiences stability, love, security, empathy, and an endless support system provided by both a mother and a father. A father serves as the child's rock and guiding light, while a mother creates a warm, compassionate space for the child to turn to. A healthy home functions as a reassuring space for a child’s development. What a Home of Divorce Looks Like: In a home affected by divorce, a child often feels lost, lacking safety and security. The once-unified family unit becomes fragmented, and the child finds themselves without someone to listen or fulfill standard parental duties. Their life becomes shattered, broken, uncertain, and daunting, leaving them feeling profoundly alone. Lev Leyeled is Here for Every Child: At Lev Leyeled, we are here to fill the void and support every child every step of the way. We ensure that they feel secure and no different from any other child, allowing them to grow and flourish despite their family circumstances. Lev Leyeled ensures that there is someone available to listen and take care of their needs. From assistance with school to providing a place to spend time and play after cheder, they are never alone at shul or during avos Ubanim. Before each Yom Tov, they receive everything they need, including clothing. There's someone to help them prepare for their Bar Mitzvah and accompany them on Chol Hamoed trips. They have visitors during camp, a place to call home for Chanukah and Purim gatherings—Lev Leyeled is there with all their heart and soul to ensure they grow up happy and content. No, they are not alone; someone is always by their side. For two days, Klal Yisroel will not stand on the sidelines. We are opening our hearts for the children of divorced homes. We will continue to be by their side, hear their silent cries, feel their broken hearts, and ensure they have a bright and happy future.


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