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Lenny Friedman - Riboin | לני פרידמאן -ריבון

Enjoy this new musical cover of Beri Weber's popular song "Riboin" by Trumpet player Lenny Friedman. The instrumental rendition features Lenny's signature trumpet sound and showcases his virtuosity as a performer. "Riboin" composed by Yossi Muller is a beloved song in the Jewish music world, known for its stirring melody and powerful lyrics that express a yearning for Divine Mercy and compassion. Lenny's cover brings a fresh perspective to the tune, highlighting the emotional depth of the music through his expressive playing. Lenny Friedman is a sought-after performer and recording artist in the Jewish music scene. He has collaborated with many top artists and bands and has released several solo projects that showcase his versatility as a musician. Enjoy and let us know what ya think. Produced By: Hillel Kapnick Recorded @ Uptop Studios (Monsey, NY) Lenny can be contacted for Bookings @


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