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Latest Talks Podcast - Ep #44 | Topics: Ari's Yetzias Mitzrayim Journey | What A Day Vlogs | Videos.

Welcome to the Latest Talks Podcast!

Here we shmooze and try to cover all kinds of interesting topics, so you can enjoy top-quality Yiddish entertainment.


Guest: @prproductionsnyc

Ari Chaimowitz - Owner of PR Productions

+1 (347) 420-4995 |

/ ari-chaimowitz-521775156


Pinchus Raab - Owner of PR Marketing Group

Yitzchok Hershkowitz - Owner of Solo Crew

Duvid Feder - Singer/ Entertainer

Co-Producer: Lazer Deutsch

Edit: Lazer Deutsch, Shimi Klein


This Episode Is Sponsored By:

• Sara Schenirer | +1718-633-8557

• Luxury Kosher Villas | +1305-650-8830

Call/Text/Whatsapp: +1845-682-0990


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