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KUMZALTZ 2021 - Second Dance Medley - Zaltz Band Feat. Shea Berko & Zemiros

It’s FIRE, it’s MAGICAL, it’s something you’ve never heard before... IT’S ZALTZ! Led and arranged by our very own Shloimy Salzman, alongside one of the biggest Chassidic stars today; Shea Berko and the Zemiros Choir. Bringing some of Jewish music’s most exciting songs and grooves to the table with an outstanding electrifying feel. Be prepared to hit that replay button many many times! זלאטא בת ר׳ ישכר דוב ע״ה & לע״נ הבח״ח יוסף ז״ל בן יבלחט״א ר׳ שלמה זלמן נ״י Songs: Baruch Habo - Yeedle Werdyger - 0:00 Besimcha - Shloime Gertner - 2:05 Bar Ilu - Shmueli Ungar - 3:32 Interlude - Zaltz - 5:12 Binyan Adei Ad - Lipa Schmeltzer - 6:52 Areivim - Yaakov Shwekey - 8:15 Elokai - Nemouel Harroch - 10:06 Over The Horizon - Dirty Loops - 11:49 Credits: Arranged & Led by: Shloimy Salzman Band Manager & Public Relations: Chesky Herzog Choir Arranged by: Yoily Polatseck & Shloimy Salzman Live Sound: Chesky Levy & Co. Live Backing Tracks: Shloimy Salzman @ Zaltz Records Video by: Ari Levy - Studio On Dot Filmed by: Motty Engel Mixed & Mastered: V-Gold Beat Production 917.854.0280 Thumbnail: Yoily Polatseck Lighting: GW Lighting Marketing: Tzvi Fishoff


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