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Kiddush - Dovy Meisels, Moshe Kraus, Yiddish Nachas קידושא רבא - דובי מייזעלס, משה קרויס, אידיש נחת

Yiddish Nachas was created together with my partner Yossi Green, with the sole purpose to bring Yiddish Nachas to Heilige yiddishe homes.

BH I had the Zechiya to release the second in the series of Shabbas Nachas, ‘Shabbos Nachas - Toamehu’ named after the title track ‘Toamehu’ composed by Yossi Green special for this album.

After the amazing feedback on the album, we're excited to present 'Kiddusha Raba,' the final medley on the album brought to life with Dovy Meisels, Moshe Kraus & Yiddish Nachas.

We received so many messages and videos of people stepping into Shabbos with the album playing in their homes, and we're excited to share this visual experience.

We hope you enjoy.

Ah Lechtigen Shabbos!


An MK Production

A special thank you to all those who made this possible:

Ari Levy | Studio On Dot - Your talent and expertise added so much to this project, done to perfection!

Zisha Schnitzler - We heard back so much about the beautiful and heimishe arrangements on this medley.

Sruly Blumenfeld - When SolBlum is involved, things flow so smooth, thank you.

Volvy Mendlowitz | Heritage Silver - The king of silver, your customer service and quality speak for itself.

Zelig Eiger | - You play such a major part in yiddishe simchas. Ashrechu!

Zevy Weber | Ohvents! - Your eye for detail and contagious smile is something we don't see every day.

Sruly Goldenberg | Leil Shishi - You gave Heimishe food a new meaning!

Avrumy Israel | Nobl Wines - L'chaim! L'chaim! Making kiddush now tastes so much better.

The Kosher Hive | Shopping was never so enjoyable, fresh. Clean. Spacious. The best!

Creamy Confections - Sweetness, reimagined.

Repny - Warehouse Rental 718-344-9994

Thank you for watching, we hope you enjoyed!

Listen to Shabbos Nachas - Toamehu on all streaming platforms:

Contact MK Studios:

(845) 662-3136

Contact Dovy Meisels:

(347) 452-9499


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