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Ki Ner Mitzvah - By Nachman Seltzer (A song for MDY)

Song Composed, Lyrics Written, and Song by: Rabbi Nachman Seltzer Video: R' Chaim Snow and R' Yosef Billyack Arranged by: Rabbi Ari Goldwag Guitars by: Avi Singolda Recorded by: Ari Goldwag Studios Lyrics: Ki Ner Mitzva, V’Torah Ohr, Ner Mitzva, V’Torah Ohr, MDY’s a family - Ki Ner Mitzva, V’Torah Ohr, Ner Mitzva, V’Torah Ohr A global cause of Torah unity Lulay Sorascha Shashuai, Az Avaditi B’unyi. Around the globe, so many homes, so many people, All types of Jews, from many schools and shuls and shteibels, Coming together to learn Torah every morning, Daffing each day and drawing closer to Hashem (Chorus) Whether on Zoom, or at the pool, or on safari, On a plane, at a game, in your Ferrari, With the challenge of the journey all around us, We choose to be a better version of ourselves Lulay Sorascha Shashuai, Az Avaditi B’unyi (Chorus) So take a minute, come on in, and join the action, It’s guaranteed, you’ll be shocked by your reaction, As you join the MDY daf global neighborhood, The Torah’s power will be changing you for good (Chorus) _________________________________ Please consider Sponsoring our Shiur! _________________________________ Learn the Daf Yomi on all the top streaming platforms: Full Daf: 👇Listen to us on all the big Podcast platforms with the link below👇 Anchor - IHeart - 👇Watch us on all the big video Platforms👇 YouTube - Torahanytime - AllDaf - 👇Download and Listen to us on the go👇 Telegram - _________________________________ Contact us at: Come visit our amazing building - _________________________________ #Keep_on_Daffing#MDY_is_a_Family


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