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In The Light | Aryeh Kunstler | TYH Nation

Amidst the growing darkness, the unwavering flame of Achdus, our unity, serves as a beacon of hope. Through our shared commitment to Hashem and unwavering support for one another, we become vessels of light, illuminating the world around us. This Chanukah, let us dedicate ourselves to strengthening this sacred bond, building a brighter future together.

TYH Nation Presents

In The Light

Aryeh Kunstler

/ Farbrengable Studios

Produced and arranged by Mendy Portnoy

Written and Composed by the Blumstein Brothers, Mendy Portnoy & Aryeh Kunstler

Guitars : Ziv Shalev Backing vocals:

Mixed and mastered by Ronen Hillel

Lyric video by Mati Shiriki Studios


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