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I Can Make It Through (Official Music Video) - 2 Desperate Movie

I Can Make It Through, an original song composed for the movie 2 Desperate. The song is performed by the star of the film Yosef Giniger and he wrote the song together with his very talented mother Malky Giniger specifically for the movie 2 Desperate. 2 Desperate is a film, Directed and Produced by Boruch Perlowitz and is a sequel to Desperate Measures. All Boruch Perlowitz films, can be streamed at Performed by: Yosef Giniger Written and composed by: Malky Giniger Music by: Shloimy Zaltzman Recorded at: C-note studio and Zaltz Records Produced by: Boruch Perlowitz Produced for- 2 Desperate Mixed By : Shloimy Zaltzman

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