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How To Strum a guitar | Learn To Play Guitar | | סטראמען די גיטאר | Course Demo

Learn how to strum a guitar with proper techniques and beat DEMO

The First Ever Guitar Course In Yiddish.

Say Hello To The Talented Duo Shlome Speilman and Leiby Wieder

A Revolutionary Way To Learn Guitar A complete new way of teaching you guitar, with a fun & entertaining approach, focused on the beginner, in the Yiddish language.

Fast And Easy. Yes You Can! You will learn all about the guitar and play it easily and effortlessly. Following the teacher's guidance will have you playing in no time!

Fun For The Entire Family It's so intuitively fun and happy. Use this not just as a learning tool but as a quality outlet for your family to gather around and enjoy the music!

Practice Makes Perfect We have included easy-to-follow practices, in a hands-on approach and fun to do, which will keep you practicing long after the course is over.

Learn From The Best! With teachers like Shloimie Spilman, Well Known Bass player, and Leiby Wieder, who will follow along with you. Get ready to become a pro!

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