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How Laughing at These Money Mistakes Made Me Rich with Naftali Horowitz / Let Talk Business Podcast

Welcome back to another insightful episode of "Let's Talk Business."

Today, Meny Hoffman dive deep into the intricacies of happiness, satisfaction, and fulfillment. Naftali shares his perspective on why fleeting happiness should take a backseat to the enduring pursuit of meaning and satisfaction. Drawing from his experience as a managing director and financial advisor at JPMorgan and his best-selling book "You Revealed," Naftali emphasizes the importance of living authentically, harnessing unique skills, and practicing gratitude.

In this episode, we'll explore essential financial wisdom, such as the importance of budgeting, responsible spending, and understanding investments to avoid risky ventures. We'll also hear Naftali's thoughts on economic cycles, adjusting standards of living, and prioritizing savings for the future. As Naftali and Meny tackle the challenges of modern financial pressures, they provide actionable advice for those living paycheck to paycheck.

We'll also illuminate personal development themes, like recognizing one's potential, focusing on self-improvement, and steering clear of futile comparisons. With discussions on self-esteem, the success of "You Revealed," and Naftali's plans for further contributions to self-development, this episode promises to inspire and empower you on your journey toward a fulfilling and responsible life. Tune in now to gain valuable insights into making meaningful changes in your financial and personal life.


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05:29 Think twice before spending to avoid regret.

07:19 Choose long-term enjoyment through disciplined financial decisions.

09:44 Save, budget, and plan for financial security.

13:03 Importance of budgeting for understanding expenses and value.

18:07 Stocks yield 6-10% above risk-free treasury.

19:09 Questioning 14% return as less risky than stocks.

25:16 Comparing people is ridiculous; spurs personal growth.

26:48 Focus on your own potential, not others.

31:03 Professional perspective on personal development and growth.

33:18 Do you communicate, keep promises, seek shortcuts?

38:09 Gratitude is vital for happiness and fulfillment.

40:32 Be grateful for what you have, always.

44:19 Book changes lives, inspires self-development and learning.

46:20 The impactful Torah book is challenging yet popular.

50:01 Closing remarks encouraging sharing and subscribing.

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