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How I Lost $45 Million, Made It All Back & Then Some (with Abe Breuer) | KOSHER MONEY Episode 17

How does someone lose $45 million overnight?

What mentality do you need to not give up, make the money back and then some?

Meet Abe Breuer, CEO of and, and larger than life individual who visited the Kosher Money studio to share his financial mistakes, what happens when one is reckless, and the lessons he learned along the way.

We go through the different stages of his life and his relationships with money at those times. He mentions his struggles with ADHD, his inability to write English well and how he has overcome those obstacles - there's lots in this episode.

You can tell he has a phenomenal memory and is quite passionate about teaching others what not to do out there.

If you want to reach him with questions of your own, Abe can be found at

Abe's businesses:

Enjoy the episode!

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