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Home business! Check out these real homemade Delicious Gluten-Free Baked Goods from Pure 'n' pastry

Join us as we meet Bentzi Weinberger from Pure And Pastry! Bentzi offers a full line of scrumptious gluten-free dairy baked goods, perfect for Yom Tov and all year round!. After years of research, testing, and tasting, Bentzi has refined his products to be just as delicious—if not better—than regular cheese baked goods.

Pure And Pastry provides a variety of cheese baked goods, regular cookies and cakes, as well as Challah for Shabbos, rolls for weekdays and biscotti—all gluten-free! broader menu very soon! Enjoy these tasty treats without the bloated feeling afterward.

To place an order, call or text 347-786-3942. Delivery is available.

Soon to be found in your local grocery store!

Don't miss out on these delightful gluten-free options for your festive celebrations!


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