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Holocaust Survivor Finally Bar Mitzvah At 97.

Chanukah is a time when we remember the Nissim God did to us. Wanna know more about Mr. Schagrin? Here's a link to his Book: ------------- Our Florida Chanukah Vlog Is Sponsored By: 1) Luxury Kosher Villas | +1305-650-8830 2) The New Scandal Film 3) Strauss Bakery | +1718-851-7728 | 5115 13th Ave. Vloggers: Pinchus Raab - Owner of PR Marketing Group Chilu Posen - Owner of Mezamrim Choir Hershy Rubinstein - The Yizkor Foundation Shimmy Rubinstein - Photography Mr. Leon Schagrin - Holocaust Survivor Rabbi Binyumin Feldbrand - Rabbi of Bardichev Florida Project By: Latest Talks & The Yizkor Foundation (Hershy & Yossi Rubinstein) Filmed By: TwoTone Media - (Yoni Steinfed) Photography: Shimmy Rubinstein Photography Shul: Bardichev Florida Music By: DJ Chaim | +1786-450-1030 Edited By: Pinchus Raab Special Thanks: Lazer Deutsch, Shlome Krauss, Meilich Melber, Moshe Milstein, and all amazing people who participated the Bar Mitzvah ------------- Follow our status: To advertise on the podcast email: #Chanukah #Vlog #LatestTalksPodcast


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