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HIGHLIGHTS: Belz Business Expo "Zeh MiZeh" - 2024 | ביזנעס עקספא תשפ"ד - קהילת בעלזא נ"י

After a resounding success a few years ago, the new Business Expo by the Belzer Kehillah came back bigger and better. This year’s expo, called התפרנסו זה מזה, took place on January 9, 2024, at the new Belz Cheder hall building in Boro Park.

While the first expo was designated for the Boro Park businesses and resident, the new expo was the biggest business networking event for the Chassidus, and it was more inclusive as well, encompassing the entire Chassidus from Brooklyn, Monsey, Lakewood and Staten Island.

Building on the successes of other expos held by different Chassidic groups, this year’s expo has been developed and enhanced with the latest technological aids to help members of the Chassidus, with a focus on jobs and trade. The first expo's attendance exceeded all expectations, with numerous booths being added at the last minute. Attendance this year is expected to exceed last year’s, as the expo has now been proven to help businessmen network and create more business opportunities.

An important facet of the expo is that it had the full backing from the Belzer Rebbe, shlit”a, who sent a letter, back then, expressing his support. The idea of a kehilla business expo is an astounding testament to the strength of the Kehillah, as it has developed its own flourishing economy and members are ready to help and support each other, both in business networking and in job creation.


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