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Highlights: Annual Bonai Chavivai Melava Malka and Siyum - 2023

Bonai Chavivai is a program adapted from the world-famous Vhaarev Na program, geared towards boys approaching their bar mitzvah, to encourage them to learn and know a masechta in honor of their bar mitzvah. Through this program, boys who are just beginning to learn gemara develop an appreciation for the importance of chazara and knowing a masechta “in the bones.” With the haskama of their rebbi and menahel, they choose a masechta suitable for them, and learn it during their free time, guided and motivated by the Bonai Chavivai staff of handpicked rebbeim. The goal is not to finish, but to know, to have the masechta “go through you, not just to go through the masechta.” Beginning just a few years ago with a handful of boys in Monsey, Bonai Chavivai has since spread to Lakewood, Brooklyn, Far Rockaway, Passaic, Baltimore, Florida and Los Angeles. The success of Bonai Chaviai has been its own advertisement, leading to exponential growth year after year. For more information or to bring Bonai Chavivai to your community, please contact Rabbi Dovid Newman at #BonaiChavivei #VhaarevNa #RabbiDovidNewman


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