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Hershy Rottenberg - Vus Vill A Yid (MeinLidel #4) | (הרשי רוטנברג - וואס וויל א איד (מיינלידל #4

🎶 With Thanks to Hashem, we're thrilled to present the 4th song in the MeinLidel Series! 🎶 In the spirit of the Yomim Noraim, we bring you "Vus Vill a Yid" (What a Yid Really Wants). The song's lyrics convey a powerful message: All a Yid wants is, to serve Hashem with his whole heart and as much as he can. When a Yid asks Hashem for Money, Joy, Luck, or anything else, it's only to use it in good senses and serve Hashem better. This profound concept serves as the heart and soul of our latest composition. This heartfelt composition was born out of a profound concept and lyrical inspiration during this sacred time. We're excited to share this brand new tune with you, one that we believe you'll cherish for its beautiful simplicity and enchanting melodic composition. Together with my friend Duvid Fink we recorded this beautiful song and had the honor of featuring the talented voices of “Zamru Choir” to accompany our track, and here goes “Yonatan Binet” again delivering such an amazing job with taking the product to it’s finishing process doing the design and video, and above all is “Yossi Shick” spreading his genius ideas from across the globe. Join us on this musical journey as we explore the depths of our faith and desires, resonating with the essence of what it means to be a Yid. Don't forget to like, share, and subscribe to our channel to stay updated with more soul-stirring melodies and meaningful content. 🔔 Turn on notifications so you never miss a beat! 🔔 #MeinLidelSeries #VusVillAYid #YomimNoraim #SoulfulMusic #JewishMusic #MusicWithMeaning #WithThanksToHashem #SubscribeNow Credits: Composed & Sung by: Hershy Rottenberg. Music Arranged by: Duvid Fink. Record Label: Yossi Shick Label. Choir by: Zamru - Antwerp. Mixed by: Yanky Cohen. Video Concept & Design by: Yonatan Benet. Animation by: Chani Ezran - Ruach Acheret. Digital Marketing & PR: JMI.


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