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Hatzolah! Hatzolah! Hatzolah Of Williamsburg | הצלה הצלה הצלה Marketing by: FriedCo Media Hatzolah! Hatzolah! I am having trouble breathing! Save me! I still want to live! My husband’s pulse is weak! My elderly father is not responding! My child is choking! I am scared, I am afraid! The worst-case scenarios flash before my eyes! I need Hatzolah, I need a medic. Save us! It may seem that #Hatzolah members run fearlessly into any scenario. These selfless heroes bravely respond to every situation without regard for their own safety. What gives them such remarkable courage? The truth is that we are mistaken in that assumption. The truth is that they are indeed frightened, their families waiting with bated breath after every call. The possibility of being infected while helping others is a real and tangible concern. Every call is followed by fervent prayers to the one above that they should not be affected. However, when a Yid calls out for help, these courageous individuals risk everything to save a fellow Jew. A true example of endless Ahavas Yisroel! Yes, this is what Hatzolah does, this is what Hatzolah has always done, and this is what Hatzolah will continue doing. They sacrifice their lives to save the lives of others. Day and night. Summer and winter Rain or snow. During Shabbos and Yom Tov. In every situation and every circumstance, Hatzolah is there to take the call. Flu season or Coronavirus, nothing stops these angels of mercy. Every request for Hatzolah gets responded to with heart, warmth, and genuine concern. However, now Hatzolah finds itself as the “patient.” No shuls to hold appeals, no ability to host our annual party (which is our most significant source of revenue every year). This year our budget has also significantly increased due to the need for expanded safety measures, we need your help now more than ever. Dear #Williamsburg resident, we come to you with a heartfelt request, we are always there for you, be there for us. We sacrifice our lives; you contribute your hearts. We sacrifice our time; you contribute your compassion. We sacrifice everything: you contribute your gratitude. We need your support; we are dependent on your aid. Show your gratitude this coming Sunday and Monday. $1,000,000.00 for Hatzolah in 36-hours. A million for Hatzolah is a million for you. Your help will ensure our survival. You will enable us to continue taking every call and respond to every situation. Remember, to save even one life is like saving the world. Pls mail your check to: Hatzolah of Williamsburg 518 Park Ave. Brooklyn NY 11205


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