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Hallel Medley - Shea Kaller, Zanvil Weinberger, Shira | מחרוזת הלל - יושע קאללער, זאנוויל, שירה

We're excited to present our latest video—a captivating medley featuring songs from Hallel, skillfully arranged by Shea Kaller and performed by Zanvil Weinberger from Israel & The Shira Choir.

In crafting this medley, we carefully selected well-known songs, allowing you to join in and savor the musical experience.

We hope you enjoy!


Music by: Shea Kaller Band

Arranged by: Shea Kaller

Choir: The Shira Choir led by Yoely Horowitz

Lighting: Greenfeld Productions

Live Sound: Dynamix

Live Sound Engineer: Baba Z. Buerger

Video Filmed by: Motty Engel

Video Edited by: Leiby Weider | Studio 62

Mixed by: Yaniv Balas

Marketing: SolBlum Media

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