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GRAND OPENING! Introducing Happy House, where everyone can create, learn, & leave with a big smile!

Join us at the Happy House with the Kornblau Brothers! Shmuly gives us an exciting tour of this fantastic venue, designed to ensure you and your family leave with big smiles! The Happy House offers a variety of workshops, including painting, candle making, pottery, tie-dye, and custom shirts! With activities for ages 3 and up, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Shmuly walks us through each activity, showcasing the numerous options available. Whether you’re interested in day camps or regular workshops, we’ve got you covered! Contact us early to reserve your spot; we can host up to 70 kids and possibly even more!

For couples and those on dates, we offer special late hours from 6-10 pm, featuring private rooms, a mini beverage, and a dessert menu. It’s a perfect way to spend a cozy evening together.

Conveniently located at 2885 US 9, Howell, NJ, we are open every day. Walk-ins are welcome from 3-6 pm on Sundays and Fridays (hours vary depending on zman), with all-day availability!

Call us at 732-503-8784 for more information and to book your unforgettable experience at the Happy House!


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