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Gevaldig Sh'begevaldig - Lipa

Lipa Schmeltzer is back again, this time singing the praises of Kosher CBD’s Focus gum in an all new Sparks Next music video titled Gevaldig. Offering a lighthearted look at the benefits of Kosher CBD’s newest sugar-free FOCUS gum, Lipa channels his inner artist as he tries to paint a portrait of Chasidic men and boys. But Lipa finds himself hard pressed to bring his vision to life on canvas, often with very entertaining results, as he imagines his subjects atop a Brooklyn Bridge support beam and interacting with a cow in a green pasture. Chewing on his pack of Star-K and CRC certified Kosher CBD Focus gum as he works and realizing the benefits of all natural organic CBD oil, Schmeltzer is finally able to hone in on the scene he keeps trying to create, much to the delight of his subjects. Gevaldig is set as a remix version of Lipa's 2020 hit song by the same name and is Directed by Danny Finkelman. For more information on Kosher CBD visit them online at and on social media @KosherCBDofficial

A Sparks Next Production http://www,

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