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Gershi Uri - Kusiv - Featuring Aaron Teitelbaum Orchestra & Yedidim

It's hard to describe in small words this unforgettable event that took place a few weeks ago at The Palace Ballroom in Boro Park.

In honor of this special event, a combination of both a Hachnosas Sefer Torah and a Chanukas Ha'Bais for the Kavunas Halev shul, Yitzchok Honig, who held this event dear to his heart, and who has recently composed a song called Mi Bon Siach for his son's wedding felt that he needed to create something special and unique that would stay in the participant's hearts and souls forever, and so this song was born.

He sat down with Naftali Schnitzler from A House of Music and came out with a beautiful project. This song brings out the love and emotion we as a people hold to Hashem and our Torah.

Watch the renowned singer from London who recently became a rising star in the Jewish music industry with his warm and beautiful vocals, Gershi Uri, the Aaron Teitelbaum Orchestra, & Yedidim choir present this song in a way only they can.


כתוב בתורה: כי ה׳ אלקיכם הוא אלקי האלקים ואדוני האדונים


Video Credits:

Produced & Arranged by: Naftali Schnitzler

Composed by: Yitzchok Honig

Sung by: Gershi Uri

Conducted & Co-Arranged by: Shimmy Markowitz

Music by: Aaron Teitelbaum Orchestra

Choir by: Yedidim Choir

Choir Conducted by: Yoel Hersh Fuchs

Live Mix by: Baba Z. Burger

Post Mix by: Ravid Kashti

Stage Design & Lighting by: GW lighting

Stage Manager: Gedalya Weiser

Video Filmed by: BenHesh Studios

Video Edited by: Studio 62 - Leiby Wieder

Thumbnail Design by: ArrangeIt.Media

Thanks to Yossi Shick Label

PR/Marketing: Sruly Meyer


To book Gershi please call 917-740-9416 or e-mail


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