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Gebliben Mit Dir - Shlomo Yakov Weber & Shira Choir | געבליבן מיט דיר - שלמה יעקב וועבער ומקהלת שירה

Gebliben Mit Dir - By Shlomo Yakov Weber and The Shira Choir

Check out this great new heart-felt song to the words of Gam Ki Elech, masterfully performed by Shlomo Yakov Weber and The Shira Choir.

The clip brings home the message that Hashem is always with us in all situations, even when we can't seem to see or feel him. Yet, we know Hashem is with us - Klal Yisrael, Always. In every situation.

Watch, enjoy and share with friends & family.



Composed & Sung by: Shlomo Yakov & Pinki Weber

Choir: The Shira Choir | Yoely Horowitz

Music Arranged by: Lipa Brach

Vocal Production & Mix: Shloime Wechter

Project Management: SolBlum Media

Digital Marketing: Motty Klein @MusicOnTime

Video Credits:

Video Production: SolBlum Media

Storyline Concept: Pinchas Bichler

Directed, Edited & Coloring: Hershy Segal

Cinematography: Yosef Shelest

Gaffer: David Alexander

Production Assistant: Leiby Scher


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Shira Choir - Bookings:

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