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Gad Elbaz discusses finding his path,his career, finding the one, & more in first sit down podcast

"Welcome to Podsitivity, our Episode with the legendary Gad Elbaz! Join us as we explore the intersection of music, inspiration, and Jewish culture.

Gad shares his unique insights, stories, and behind-the-scenes peeks into his music and life. Tune in for uplifting conversations, exclusive performances, and a dash of Jewish humor. Subscribe now and join the journey!"

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For real Authentic entertainment and motivation.

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00:00 intro

02:58 finding our purpose!

06:58 Whats my uniqueness?

09:58 how to choose a path?

13:18 Giving to ourselves/trauma

16:33 Hashem & religion

19:24 my story with Chabad

24:24 Don't judge religious levels.

26:10 The power of shabbat

28:40 Everything that we do is a bonus

34:07 Connecting with hashem through pain

36:14 single life/finding the one

42:40 The crisis of social media

46:03 Gad's trick to finding his wife

50:38 how to overcome emotions

57:27 Eli's First time at the rebbe, & getting pulled over

1:00:57 Gads career, restaurants, organizations, wine, & new Album


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