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FRIED'S food for foodies!! | Step into Shloimy Freid's kitchen for the Real deal shabbos food!

Welcome to Shloimy Freid's culinary haven, where the name screams deliciousness, homeliness, and uniqueness! Step into Shloimy's kitchen, the ultimate Leil Shishi and Shabbos food spot. From an array of smoked and non-smoked meats to hearty cholents, soul-warming soups, succulent fishes, tantalizing dips, rich liver, gala treats, and a variety of freshly baked goods including sourdough and regular challah, indulge in flavors that are crafted in-house with unique recipes and secret ingredients.

For example: One of Shloimy's specialties is his European-style chickpeas and lima bean recipe, a true culinary gem you won't find anywhere else! Amongst all other specialty items! Experience the beauty of a perfectly set Shabbos table, where you can order a full-fledged Shabbos package tailored to your preferences. Don't miss out on Shloimy's exquisite line of meat platters, all smoked and cooked fresh weekly, right here in-house.

Convenience is key, with delivery options available for your convenience. To order anything from our mouthwatering menu, simply reach out to us at 732-232-7786. Or better yet, visit us for an unforgettable Leil Shishi experience or to stock up on your Shabbos food essentials. Shloimy's kitchen is where taste meets tradition, and every bite tells a story of warmth and flavor.


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