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First time Ever! Aisle 9 Jackson with a full fledge Kosher For Passover Deli and fridge! Must see!

Welcome to Aisle 9, your premier destination for all your Kosher L'pesach needs! Join us as we explore our fully stocked Deli aisle and fridge items, all Kosher for Passover.

In this episode, we meet with Eli Weber from Weber Media, who takes us through the entire deli, showcasing how it's fully KLP (Kosher L'pesach) from now until after Pesach. Our deli menu remains almost the same as the whole year, with almost identical prices, ensuring affordability for all.

Step into our kitchen, where cleanliness is paramount, and witness firsthand the meticulous process of ensuring everything is kosher l'epesach under the strict Mehadrim hashgacha of KCL!

We chat with our main chef as he explains the rigorous techniques involved in turning over the kitchen to 100% fully KLP, ensuring the highest standards are maintained.

Don't forget to check out our Fish-Pareve department, also fully KLP, and our Meat boards! Delivery is available nationwide, with a special truck leaving for the FL area, serving Miami and Orlando on April 17th.

We also boast a wide selection of Kosher for Passover products spanning a couple of full aisles in-store. Come visit us at 1135 East Veterans Hwy, Jackson, NJ, or browse our menu and place an order online at For inquiries, call us at 732-592-6544 x101 or email us at

Celebrate Passover with Aisle 9 – where quality, affordability, and kosher integrity meet!


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