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Fascinating Money Questions & Answers - Halacha Convo (Feat. R’ Yosef Kushner) | KOSHER MONEY Ep 13

In the span of just a few short years, the rapid advance of modern technology has changed the face of business and commerce forever. Computers and automated systems have given rise to new forms of trade never dreamed of in days gone by. But these new business methods have also brought a host of Shabbos-related and other halachic questions not clearly addressed by Poskim of the previous generation. Also, are some newer businesses even ethical? - Is one permitted to list an item on ebay if the auction is scheduled to conclude on Shabbos? - May one allow his e-commerce website to remain open on Shabbos? - Is it advisable to get into the cash advance business? - What should people know about their OWN business as it pertains to Halacha? These issues, as well as many others, are discussed in Rabbi Yosef Kushner’s book named Commerce & Shabbos, which is relevant, clear and concise. Who better to join us on Kosher Money? Enjoy this important and entertaining episode as we provide informative answers for both the inquiring businessman as well as the accomplished scholar. You can purchase his book here: Have a Q for the Rabbi? Ask him here: Submit your questions to WhatsApp us Qs: 914-222-5513 Need financial guidance? Get help from our friends at Visit to submit ideas and see more shows Here:


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