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Exciting Update from Lakewood Matzah: Extra Thin Matzahs Now Available!

We're back with another exciting update from Lakewood Matzah! Come witness the magic of our special run of Extra Thin Matzahs. It's a delicate process that's double the time of regular matzah-making. From crafting smaller dough to the careful kneading, and the main highlight – baking in half the time. It's a fine art, with just up to 10 seconds in the oven, or it'll burn!

If you're a fan of Extra Thin Matzah or need it for the elderly in your family, don't miss out. Place your order today by calling us at 732-364-8757 or conveniently online at

Experience the exceptional taste and texture of our Extra Thin Matzahs – order now! 🌾🔥 #LakewoodMatzah #ExtraThinMatzah #MatzahMagic #PassoverPreparation


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