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EP.1 Eimusei - Abba ft. Duvid Feder אימתי אבא ודוד פעדער

Welcome to the inaugural episode of ABBA's musical collaboration series! In this exciting new venture, ABBA, the iconic musician, teams up with diverse artists to explore the magic of musical fusion. ABBA's band, ABBA Melodic Productions, provides the perfect backdrop for this creative exchange.

In this first episode, ABBA joins forces with the talented @duvidfedermusic bringing together their unique styles and influences to create something truly special. @duvidfedermusic known for his soulful melodies and heartfelt lyrics, adds his own flavor to the mix, complementing ABBA's signature sound in unexpected ways.

Join us on this journey as ABBA and @duvidfedermusic combine their musical talents, share stories, and showcase the power of collaboration in the world of music. Don't miss out on the magic—hit play and immerse yourself in the first installment of this exciting series!

Subscribe to ABBA's channel for more upcoming collaborations and musical adventures. Let's spread the joy of music together!

Video: Shimmy & Zevy Klein

Edit: Lazer

Special thanks: Lipa Brach, Shloime Scharf, Shlomy Kraus, Getzy Sofer, Momo Teitelbaum


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