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Dus Is En3rgy/דאס איז אנערג׳י - ft. Ahrele Samet & Yedidim Choir | זה אנרגיה עם אהר׳לע סאמעט וידידים

It’s a new year and EN3RGY is back with something unique! For the first time ever, a brand new Chassidish dance medley featuring Ahrele Samet on a US stage. This is a show stopping performance by En3rgy, Ahrele Samet and Yedidim Choir, with twists and surprises that will make you say, Dus Is EN3RGY! Songs: 1) En3rgy Opening 2) Major Chabad Nigun 3) Keitzad 4) Hey Tzomo 5) Ein Anachnu 6) Hodu Lashem 7) Nigunei Viznitz 8) Taisi 9) Finale Credits: Music by En3rgy/ChaimBokchin Producer, Arranger And Guitarist - Chaim Bokchin Drums - Yechiel Bokchin Keys, Ableton Programming - Jacob Spadaro Bass Guitar - Yaacov Weiner Choir - Yedidim Choir Led by Yoel Hersh Fuchs Live Sound - Tzali Bree Live Engineer - Ruli Ezrachi Stage Manager - Chaim Tessler Mix and Master - V-Gold Beat Production (917 854-0280) Post production - Ruli Ezrachi, Gershy Schwartz, Motti Feldman Video Production - Motty Engel Lighting - Lobo Lighting Marketing - I & Me Media Venue - Ateres Golda En3rgy Content/Social Media Management - Yehuda Neuman @normynmedia En3rgy uses CTM In Ear Monitors - Follow us on social media for more great En3rgetic content. Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Telegram: To book En3rgy for your event please contact us at: 347-551-4084 - The Yedidim Choir 347-871-8753 Twiter/instagram: @YedidimChoir


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