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Dovid Bashevkin Has Very Interesting Takes on Money | KOSHER MONEY Episode 15

This is an excellent episode. Period. Hard stop.

The legendary Dovid Bashevkin joined us in the Kosher Money studio to discuss…money.

It was insightful and entertaining. You’ll enjoy.

Dovid is NOT a financial expert. We asked him so many Qs on the subject because he is so honest and transparent.

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"The Index Card: Why Personal Finance Doesn't Have to Be Complicated" »

"Stumbling on Happiness" »

Chazon Ish’s Sefer »

Bashevkin’s podcast at - subscribe to it on all major podcast platforms so you can get your monthly fill of his unique brain and conversations. Submit your questions to WhatsApp us Qs: 914-222-5513 Need financial guidance? Get help from our friends at


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