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Double Simcha Celebration: Hachnusas Sefer Torah at Belz Shul, Lakewood

Join us for a truly special and heartwarming experience as we attend the HACHNUSAS SEFER TORAH event at the Belz Shul in Lakewood. This celebration was unlike any other, as we had the honor of welcoming not just one, but two Sefer Torahs into our beloved community. The journey of these sacred scrolls began at Yossy Ungar's house in Toms River, and it was a momentous occasion as they made their way to their new home at the Belz Shul Hamerkuzi on 44 Grove Springs Ct, Lakewood, NJ. Witness the joy, unity, and spirituality that filled the air during this double simcha. This event was a testament to the strength of our community and the significance of preserving our traditions. Join us in reliving this beautiful celebration of faith and togetherness. 📜🙏 #HachnusasSeferTorah #BelzShul #CommunityCelebration #DoubleSimcha"


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