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Don’t Turn a Blind Eye to the Pain of little Children – Steinmetz Campaign

Rivers of tears were shed. Sleepless nights spent awake agonizing over a deep tragedy. Mrs. Yita Leah Steinmetz a’h, A respected woman who suffered endlessly, passed on to a better world on Tuesday, December 10 after 18 months of pain and suffering. We are sure that after enduring a rare, painful form of cancer r’l, she arrived up there completely cleansed. But what will be with the innocent children she left behind?? How can we face them? For 18 months, these children were “living orphans.” With a mother that was constantly being shuffled to & from the hospital, and a father that was working to pay the skyrocketing medical bills, while maintaining a vigil at his wife’s bedside, where were the children? They roamed from house to house missing out on the stability of a settled existence; a critical factor to the development of a child. Unfortunately, after 18 months of confusion, the children were dealt a final blow. Their mother will not be returning home. “Mommy is no longer here.” What will be with the precious children? The truth is harsh. As much well-meaning friends and family extended themselves, they all agree that the situation must change. The children are getting affected by the instability and must be guided by professionals in order to stand a chance for a brighter future. While Mrs. Yita Leah a’h was alive, she was the sole breadwinner while her husband sat and learned. Since she fell ill, despite her husband’s best efforts to make ends meet, he sank into enormous debt. The situation is bleak. The future of the children is at stake. An askan relates that he found one of the children, a young girl, crying on the street. She is lost and broken, and traumatized to the core. And so, after watching the children, poor yesoimim, suffer deeply the friends and family have gathered to plan an emergency rescue mission. The askanim are crying: “We must act, before the children suffer permanent damage ch’v. Otherwise 5 yesomim together with their future generations will be lost forever.” Funding the crucial professional guidance and putting together a base fund for the family requires astronomical sums of money. Where from? That will be answered by Klal Yisroel in the coming days. In 36 hours, from Tuesday, December 31, 12:00 noon until Wednesday at midnight, Klal Yisroel will open their hearts and save the future of 5 broken children! Make an effort. Don’t turn a blind eye to the pain of little children. The hearts of Klal Yisroel will open wide and so will their pockets. Take a part!


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