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Concrete Wall

"Don't do it on someone else's account" Inspiration with Reb Shea Rubenstein. Ep.20 - (YIDDISH)

Purpose in Pain Reb Elimelech and his brother Reb Zisha were looking for nightime lodgings at an inn. The innkeeper informed them there were no vacancies. Not wanting to face Russia's brutal winter, they settled on sleeping in a corner of a first floor room. Some patrons got drunk at the bar and began viciously beating Reb Elimelech. Not being able to take anymore, Reb Elimelech asked his brother to switch places with him. A short while later, the drunkards returned wanting to now beat " the other guy."Reb Elimelech says we can learn 2 valuable lessons from here: 1)Hashem only gives a person what he can endure 2) you cannot make it better in someone elses's account.

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