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"Dance to the Classics" Yidi Bialostozky - Yedidim Choir an Aaron Teitelbaum Production

Enjoy a unique combination of some of the greatest upbeat dance songs along with the greatest classical pieces you love. Featuring Yidi Bialostozky & Yedidim Choir, this clip is loaded with energy and musical drive. Aaron Teitelbaum Productions does justice to some great classics, with a tight rhythm, fresh arrangement, and clean sound. Songs: 1) Ani Kan - Shlomo Simcha 0:00 2) Uchein - Skulen 1:50 3) Nagen Hamenagen - Kol Chai Music, Eli Klein 4:31 4) Hagoimel - Dovid Gabay 5:48 Classics: Hungarian dance no. 5 - J. Brahms Fur elise - Beethoven Peer Gynt - Edvard Grieg About Us: Aaron Teitelbaum is not only known as an integral part of the Jewish music industry, but also carries a reputation of professionalism and is full of innovative ideas. Aaron Teitelbaum Orchestra & Productions is a collaboration between Aaron and the premiere musicians, singers, and sound engineers in the business. Aaron and his staff give each client their undivided attention to ensure that their every need is met. Their experience planning weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, dinners, concerts and more will help make your affair unique and unforgettable! Your simcha is our simcha! - Credits: Musical Production: Aaron Teitelbaum Orchestra & Productions Music Arranged: Shimmy Markowitz - Band Leader Lead Singer: Yidi Bialostozky Choir by: Yedidim Choir Choir Conducted by: Shamshi Fried Live sound: Shy Clyman Live Mix by: Baba Z. Burger Audio Mix: V-Gold Beat Production Video Filmed by: Engel Studios Video Edited by: Studio 62 - Leiby Wieder Assistance: Joe B Staging: B & B Party Rentals/Brooklyn NY Lighting: GW Lighting Social Media: Normyn Media -(929) 244-3693 - Get in touch with us Aaron Teitelbaum Orchestra Office: (718) 256-7200


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