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Dance - Shwekey Edition | Yossi Perl, Shmiel Hersh Miller, Yedidim | מחרוזת שוואקי | יוסי פערל,

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Are you ready to bring the house down?!

Yossi Perl's latest music video, Dance - Shwekey Edition will help you do just that.

A medley of the hottest Yaakov Shwekey songs from over the years, brought to life by the infectious energy of Shmiel Hersh Miller's music, accompanied by the stunning vocals of Yedidim Choir, creating the perfect mix of fireball energy and true simcha.

This video promises to get you off your feet, and put joy in your heart.



Produced by: Duvid Hertz

Music Production & Arranged by: Shmiel Hersh Miller

Music Notation: Shea Kaller

Choir: Yedidim Choir | Yoel Hersh Fuchs

Live Sound: Dynamix | Eli Glassman

Mixed by: Shloime Wechter

Programming: Hershy Friedman

Lighting & Stage Design: Gedalye Weiser | GW lighting

Staging: Evolve Party Rentals

Filmed by: Motty Engel

Video Edited by: Leiby Weider | Studio 62

Project Management & Marketing: SolBlum Media

Special Thanks:

Yanky Briskman | Dovid Ungarischer | Leiby Fasten | Fishy Schwartz

Song List:

All songs originally sung by Yaakov Shwekey

00:00 Asher Boro (Ad Bli Dai)

00:52 Smachot (We Are A Miracle)

02:08 Sois Tusis (Shomati)

04:07 Kol Mevaser (Live In Caesarea 2)

05:51 Rau Banim (Libi Bamizrach)

08:06 Heenay (Shwekey 2)


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Contact Shmiel Hersh:


Contact Yedidim Choir:



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