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COMING SOON! New supermarket in Woodridge, NY "HONEYDEW" Grand Opening date JUN. 27 Imy"h

Honey Dew Massive Supermarket Grand Opening!

Date: June 27

Location: 7 Greenfield rd Woodridge NY

Get ready for the grand opening of Honey Dew's massive supermarket! Come and explore this magnificent space, offering every department a grocery store can have:

- *8 Spacious Aisles*

- *Multiple Checkout Registers*

- *Self-Checkout Options*

Food and Concessions:

Enjoy the best concession stands featuring:

- *Leil Shishi from Monsey*

- *Cheesy Pizza Store from Williamsburg*

- *Bakery Department by Glaze from Williamsburg*

- *Nuts and Chocolate by Melt from Monsey*

All with close to 100 seats in the seating area for the whole family!

Additional Features:

- *Special School Supply Aisle*

- *Kitchen/Hardware Section*

- *Keilim Mikvah* for your hardware items

Don't miss out on this exciting new shopping experience! See you there on June 27!


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