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Chazan Yechezkel Lev feat. Shira Choir | Hamavdil (Rosenblatt) | המבדיל - חזן יחזקאל לב ומקהלת שירה

Gershy Schwarcz presents, Chazzan Yechezkel Lev in his debut single and music video. The song is a cover of the world renowned Hamavdil by the man who coined the term cantor, the majestic Yossele Z”L, that is known the world over.

Yechezkel has been singing and leading teffilos as a Chazzan the last few years at shuls and batei midrashim as well as by Chuppah ceremonies etc. Now, however he felt was the time to officially release something to the greater public cantorial and music fans alike.

He is joined by the choral voices of the Shira Choir and a musical accompaniment by Moshe Kahana. Hamavdil was masterfully arranged by Gershy Schwarcz and really shows off Yechezkel’sraw talent and poise. This classic, sung at the close of Shabbos as part of Havdallah ceremony, is truly brought to life in this presentation. Featuring all in their Shabbos best, captures the feel of that time of the week. One can close their eyes and let the music transport them back to the golden years of chazzonus.


Hamavdil (Yossele Rosenblatt Z”L)

A Gershy Schwarcz Production

Chazan Yechezkel Lev featuring The Shira Choir led by Yoel Horowitz

Video by: Hershy Segal

Music: Moshe Kahana

To book Yechezkel please call or text: 914-432-2066


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