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Chasoif (Cover) Yoel Shia Weiss feat. Yaron Gershovsky - חשוף – יואל יושע ווייס

Chanukah! Everyone's favorite time of year! From family parties to sitting with the family around the Menorah and singing songs of Chanukah, there's just something so special about this Yom Tov. There’s one Chanukah song that I've always loved, so I decided to do a cover of it, and I’m so happy to share it with you. Joining me on the piano is the world-famous pianist Yaron Gershovsky, that brought so much warmth to this song. I’m sure you’ll enjoy! Ah Freilichen Chanukah! Oh - and make sure to subscribe :) Credits: Performed by: Yoel Shia Weiss Produced by: SolBlum Originally sung by: Yaakov Shwekey Composed by: Baruch Levine Music by: Yaron Gershovsky Recorded at: Vibromonk Studios Mixed by: Aba Berkowitz Video Production by: TwoTone Media Graphics: Yechiel Landman Special thanks to R’ Hershel Rosenberg, Aba Berkowitz, Leiby Scher & Pini Zakon. For bookings: Call / Text: (347) 616-9355 Email: #yoelshia #chanukah #yarongershovsky


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