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Chasima - Meilech Braunstein | חתימה - מיילך ברוינשטיין

Following the declaration of Hashem as our King on Rosh Hashanah, we now find ourselves just days away from Yom Kippur, a time when we continue to focus on our relationship with Him as our loving Father. "Chasima", a medley of soul-stirring songs, delves into the special bond we hold with Hashem, like that of a father and son. In it, we beg Hashem, our merciful and compassionate Father, to seal our fate for a happy, healthy and prosperous year. Credits: Concept & Sung by Meilech Braunstein Music Arranged By Shea Kaller Vocal Recording & Mix: Shloime Wechter | Volume Studios Yiddish Lyrics: Motty Illowitz Video Production: TwoTone Media Cover Design: Project Management & Marketing: SolBlum Media Production Assistant: Momo Teitelbaum Special thanks: Avrumy Glaser Lipa Brach Yumi Gelb Book Meilech Braunstein: (845) 558-6322 Follow Meiliech Braunstein: #Chasima #MeilechBraunstein #MusicVideo

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