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Chasidishe Tantz, Beri Weber, @A Berko Productions @The Shira Choir Avrumi Balti | ריקוד חסידי

some dance throughout the night, some get sparked when their favorite song starts to play, and some when they see everyone else dancing, yet we all find ourselves involved as soon as the singer sings a Lebedige Holy song, music from the olden days. Here is a collage of some of Beri’s favorite Chasidic nostalgic Negunim. I hope it brings you warmth and happiness on these beautiful days. ושמחת בחגיך והיית אך שמח! Credits: Music arranged & conducted by: Avrumi Berko Lead Singer: Beri Weber Clarinet: Avrumi Balti Guitarists: Mendy Oberlander & Ari Kohn Sax: Avrumi Basch Choir: Shira Choir led by Yoely Horowitz Live Sound Engineer: Yoely Karpen Stage Manager: Hersh Meilech Miller Video by: Motty Engel Vocal post-production: Gershy Schwarcz @EdgwareStudios Audio Mix post-production: Avrumi Berko Venue: Ataras Avraham Hall

No part of this video or song is to be copied, sold, published, or uploaded anywhere or onto any sites across the internet. Not to be used for commercial or profitable use. ©️ 2022, All Rights Reserved to Beri Weber.


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