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Carlebach Tish - Avrumy Straus & Friends | קרליבך טיש - אברמי שטרויס וחברים

This Kumzitz music video featuring Avrumi Straus, and produced by Gershy Schwarcz, is not just another Kumzitz video. It's a touching tribute to Reb Shloimele Carlibach Z"L, whose spirit and music continue to inspire people. Avrumi had a vision to honor Carlibach's legacy and invited friends to create a Carlibach Tish. The result is a truly heartwarming experience, brought to life through Yosef Shleset's dynamic filming and directed by Gershy and Hershy Segal who captured every moment with great energy and involvement from the crowd, making you feel part of the celebration.

As you watch and listen, you can feel the passion and soul poured into each song. Shimmy Posen on the keys adds layers of beautiful harmony. The Edgware Group Choir, with their unique twists and turns, elevates the music, creating a rich, soulful melody that resonates deeply. This music video is not just about seeing and hearing - it's an immersive experience that captures the essence of Reb Shloimele's music and the community's vibrant spirit. It's a tribute that goes beyond the ordinary, pulling you into the screen and into the heart of the celebration.



Recorded and produced by Gershy Schwarcz @edgwarestudios.

Music Arrangements: Moshe Kahana.

Choirs: The Edgware Group | Isaac Gluck, Yossi Fulop, Duvid Schwarcz, Ari Weinberg - Manager, Gershy - Director.

Video Cast: Motti Klein, LA Rosentzweig, Ari Halperin, David Gelbman, Yitzchok Freedlender, Shimmy Weiss, Nuchem Hecht, Shimon Rosenblatt.

Video Production: Hershy Segal, Yosef Sheleset.

Keys / Backup vocals: Shimmy Posen.

Guitars: Effy Vanmessel, Avi Singolda.

Flute: Hershy Leitner.

Percussions: Zishy Green.

Clarinet: Ari Brand.

Food Sponsored by Leil Shishi, Pescado.

Wine Sponsored by VAAN.

Lighting: GK Lighting.

Additional Choir Memebers: Avrumy Stern, Avrumy Itzkowitz, Zishy Ehrenfeld, David Gelbman.

Cover Design: Zeira.

A special thanks to Yanky Shaffer and Yoely Hirsch

For Bookings:

Call: 646-935-9829


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