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Camp Chavivim Music Video - Mi K’amcho Yisroel (Joey Newcomb and Benny Friedman)


Music: Joey Newcomb and Benny Friedman

Video: Filmed and edited by Liel Shalom


Camp Chavivim presents their summer 2021 music video in honor of all the selfless volunteers who give their time to help those in need. The campers worked very hard on this project, and their talent is on full display in every scene.

Camp Chavivim is a sleep away camp for young men and children with Down Syndrome. The camp provides a full summer experience for the campers, including a learning program, wide range of activities, and trips. It is a division of Yeshiva Bonim Lamokom.

You can follow Camp Chavivim on Instagram @campchavivim. To donate or for more info, email

Yeshiva Bonim Lamokom is a Yeshiva for boys with Down Syndrome and other special needs located in Yeshiva Torah Vodaath. It offers a full yiddish curriculum, including gemara, mishnayos, chumash, yahadus, kriah, pirush hamilim, halacha, etc. It also has a full English curriculum which includes math, science, reading, spelling, social studies and daily living and social skills. Yeshiva Bonim Lamokom also offers a Day Hab, comhab and respite programs.


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