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Concrete Wall

Bridges feat. Moshe Tischler and Dovid Kirschner

When a family is in crisis, #Bridges is there to offer support by providing respite and host homes for children in our community alongside comprehensive case management from our trained care specialists. Children visit respite homes for several hours after school or on weekends to enjoy the benefit of a nurturing family. Children live in host homes when simply visiting is not enough. To learn more visit : Composed and Written by: #ChayalaNeuhaus Arranged and Produced by: #TzviBlumenfeld Featuring : Moshe Tischler and Dovid Kirschner Vocals Recorded at Cnote Studios (Lakewood NJ) Mix and mastered by : Yitzy Berry Additional programming by: Zelig Privalsky Post production by: Chesky Ifrah Video filmed and produced by: Aaron Bernstien Additional editing by: Nockout Media


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