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Bored of the typical Blue wine & choc. Meet Momo @BuffetBox:Newest creative Purim mishloach manos

Send a Buffet box to your clients, vendors, employees, tenants, doctors, nurses, boss, manager, moms, dads, and friends with

Sweets & Treats from BUFFETBOX. There are boxes for every occasion, and more—plus the option to add a custom

sticker with the logo or image of your choice! Our team is here to guide you every step of the way.

Say hello to Momo from BuffetBox, your gateway to the most innovative party entertainment concept yet! Whether you're hosting a Purim Seuda or searching for an unforgettable Mishloach Manos or just a amazing gift idea, BuffetBox has something extraordinary in store for you! 🎉🎁

Discover the enchantment of BuffetBox, where every box is bursting with food-based fun. Imagine our Purim box, packed with a nice amount of delightful Hamantashen, each awaiting your creative touch with an array of delicious toppings. Get ready to craft your dream treats—all conveniently packaged for a mess-free experience!

But wait, there's more! Our collection features a plethora of captivating ideas for every occasion and holiday imaginable. Whether it's a birthday extravaganza, a special celebration, or simply a unique token of affection, BuffetBox has you covered.

Ready to embark on this culinary journey? Visit or email at to order.

For larger orders Please WhatsApp 8662833382.

We proudly serve the entire U.S.A. ensuring top-notch quality with the TARNOPOL hechsher.

Don't miss out on the fun—join the BuffetBox craze today! 🍬🎈🎉 #BuffetBox


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