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Bitachon - בטחון | Chesky Schwartz Productions feat. Beri Weber & The Shira Choir | חזקי שווארץ בערי

00:00 Intro 01:56 Dance This video is more than just a live second-dance music scene at a recent wedding with Chesky Schwartz and Beri Weber accompanied by Shira Choir; it's an invitation to dance to the rhythms of life's surprises, and a reminder that joy resides in the embrace of Bitachon. Life plays many dances with us, especially when planning a Simcha, you often lose yourself in the hustle and bustle of decisions on everything from the location and venue to party planning, catering, music, photography, & more. In the face of these challenges, we can either lose it or choose to dance to its beat; Bitachon in Hashem will guide us. The video starts with a fun twist created by Gershy Schwarcz from Edgware Studios and the Abisel Team, featuring Klal Yisrael's beloved character; Ari Samet 01:24, together expressing examples of the difference between Emuna and Bitachon. (Oh, and that part 0:24 where Beri rides his bike into the lake? That's all on him!) From 01:56, enjoy the sounds of collaboration between Beri and Chesky Schwartz, a rising star whose presence is the dream of every event. A performance imbued with Bitachon Songs you will hear range from a variety of famous Jewish music and artists, songs about trust and Bitachon, including works from Satmar, Lipa Schmeltzer, Shmueli Ungar, Matt Dub, Beri Weber, Hershy Weinberger, David Kaufman, and Reb Shloimele Carlbach Z"L. Press play, take a chance on faith, and lose yourself in a symphony of Bitachon. Share this video with others on this beautiful path, and don't forget to comment on your own journey of faith and trust. Credits: * A Chesky Schwartz Production* @CheskySchwartzProductions * Featuring: Beri Weber* * The Shira Choir:* @theshirachoir * Led by: Avrumi Lunger * Choir Members:* Shloimy Rosenberg, Shulem Feder, Gedalya Laufer Chesky's Team: * Keys: Chesky Schwartz * Guitar: Zalmy Shtekel 09:11 * Saxophone: Drew Vandewinckel * Trumpet: Jon Sarga * Trombone: Bradley Madsen * Live Sound: Lazer Berkowitz * Lighting: GW Lighting * Venue: KMY Ballroom Post Production Credits: * Post Production: Avrumy Lunger * Mix and Master: Yanki Cohen @yankicohen8341 Live Video Credits: * Live Videographer: Motty Engel @mengelsmusic * Video Editing & Coloring:* Ari Levy @StudioOnDot Promo Video Credits: * Produced by: Gershy Schwarcz & Abisel @AbiselStatus @EdgwareStudio * Filming & Editing: Chaimish * Directing, Concept, Script & Sound Design:* Gershy Schwarcz Graphics: Sruly Tyberg Thank you: Lipa Brach, Dor Asraf, Zishe Surkis, Actors: * Beri Weber: as himself * Voice Coach: Ari Samet @AriSamet * Yeshiva Boys: Boys of Lev Torah Yeshiva (Special thank you from your Mashpia Rachni - "I am proud of you" - Beri) *Locations: Yeshiva Lev Torah & Sabego Lake *Props: Bike that was later found at the bottom of the lake by Beri himself. *Diver and Stuntman: Beri Weber Song Credits: 01:56 Intro: Inspired by Reb Shlomo Carlbach @ShlomoCarlebach 03:06 Nissim: composed by Yossi Green @YossiGreenOfficial from Album Nissim @GertnerOfficial Shloime Gertner. 03:39 CHESKY AT HIS BEST! 04:09 Vani Evtach Bach: Composed by Matt Dub @djmattdubb (originally sung by Beri & @ShmueliUngar ) 05:11 Bitchu: Composed by @hershyweinberger (originally sung by @ShmueliUngar ) 05:58 Bechu Botchi: Satmar 07:24 CHESKY AT HIS BEST! 07:55 Hut Bitachon: Composed by Eli Treitel (originally sung by @lipaschmeltzer ) 08:55 Beilokim: Composed by David Kaufman (from Beri's album) 10:12 Vani Evtach Bach: by Chabad ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Beri Weber Management - NR Management | 845-537-5743 Beri Weber Music Management - Gershy Schwarcz | 845-671-1775 @EdgwareStudios Listen: Like, Comment, and Subscribe to Beri's YouTube Channel: Connect with @CheskySchwartzProductions Book Chesky for your next event: 914.849.8763 Connect with Beri: No Part of this video or song is to be copied, sold, published, or uploaded anywhere or onto any sites across the internet. Not to be used for commercial or profitable use. ©️ 2023, All Rights Reserved to Beri Weber | 2023, כל הזכויות שמורות לבערי וובר ##BeriWeber #CheskySchwartz #GershySchwarcz #AbiselStatus #EdgwareStudios #Emuna #Bitachon #AriSamet #GWlighting #ShiraChoir #KMY #LazerBerkowitz #LipaSchmeltzer #Trump #Biden #ShmuleiUngar #KalmySchwartz #ShloimyGertner #HershyWeinberger #ChaimBlumenfeld #ZemirosChoir #FreidaVisel #Portuguisepie #Lazersheiner #Zusha #ShloimyZions #MichoelSchnitzler #Zaltz #Stamar #Chabad #Skver #Putin #SlavaUkreine #EDM #DanceMusic #Rap #Techno #Sidetrance #YoinesenSchwartz #London #Abisel #MeilechKohn #nissimblack #mrbeast #babyshark


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