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Betzeis Yisroel - Yingerlach - Shira - Avrumi Berko | בצאת ישראל ממצרים יונגערליך, שירה, בערקא

The Yingerlach Choir performed An amazing musical set of ‘Yingerlach melodies’ in the Renaissance ball room at the Bar Mitzvah of Shiyele Neustadt (a former choir member) on 11/18/21

Enjoy this beautiful single arrangement of Betzeis Yisroel in honor of the upcoming Yomtov, Peisach.


Arranged and mixed by Avrumi Berko

Shira choir conducted by Leiby Fasten

Yingerlich choir conducted by Reb Shiye Rosen

Video filmed by Motty Engel

Edited by SYR Studios

Composed by Hershy Weinberger


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