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Benny Friedman & Yedidim "Fried's English Hits" An Aaron Teitelbaum Production | בני פרידמן וידידים

Turn back the clock with this English Classics Medley; featuring some of Avraham Fried's most legendary and timeless hits. This clip presents breathtaking arrangements by Maestro Yisroel Lamm, outstanding vocals from superstar Benny Friedman joined by The Yedidim Choir, and an all around spectacular musical display by The Aaron Teitelbaum Band. Songs include: 00:00 - No Jew Will be Left behind 02:29 - Goodbye Golus 04:15 - Don't Hide from me 06:22 - Keep climbing 08:27 - Forever one - About Us: Aaron Teitelbaum is not only known as an integral part of the Jewish music industry, but also carries a reputation of professionalism and is full of innovative ideas. Aaron Teitelbaum Orchestra & Productions is a collaboration between Aaron and the premiere musicians, singers, and sound engineers in the business. Aaron and his staff give each client their undivided attention to ensure that their every need is met. Their experience planning weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, dinners, concerts and more will help make your affair unique and unforgettable! Your simcha is our simcha! - Credits: Production: Aaron Teitelbaum Musical Arranged & conducted by: Yisroel Lamm Band Leader by: Shimmy Markowitz Vocals: Benny Friedman Choir Vocals: Yedidim Choir Choir Leader: Shamshi Fried Video and editing: Motty Engel/Engel Studios Live Sound by Shy Clyman/SC Events Mixed by: Baba Z. Coordinator: Joe B. Content & Social / Media Manager: Yehuda Neuman / Norman Media - Get in touch with us Aaron Teitelbaum Orchestra Office: (718) 256-7200


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